Lease a Security Light

Security lights are an effective crime deterrent, especially in rural areas. Lights operate on a photoelectric control, providing dusk to dawn operation. An efficient LED lamp will provide you with adequate lighting and additional security for your home. You’ll sleep better knowing that your property is well lit and more secure. 

West District Rate: $14.50 per month

East District Rate: $10.00 per month

Standard Installation:
A 48 watt LED is mounted on an existing FreeState pole with available 120-volt source for a connection. 

Optional Installation:
Additional charges will apply to establish 120 volts with a maximum distance of 125’ overhead or underground wire and any additional new pole(s) required. 

Maintenance Free:
Repair and replacement of the fixture and pole will be the responsibility of the Cooperative.
Member shall assume responsibility of notifying the Cooperative when the light fixture is not working properly. 

Lease lights are connected before the member’s meter. Therefore, energy usage is part of the monthly charge. Power cost adjustment (PCA) applies. Our member service staff can inform you of how your security light will be billed. If a request for disconnection of a security light is less than twelve (12) months since the same member requested the security light to be connected, such member shall be billed for the remaining disconnected months.